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Michelle Kelly Healthcare Simulation Education. Evidence, Theory and Practice

Written by a leading team from the Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare (ASSH), Simulation Australasia, Healthcare Simulation Education is a new resource for a rapidly expanding professional healthcare simulation community. Designed as a core reference for educators who use simulation as an educational method, it outlines theory, evidence and research relevant to healthcare simulation. Containing examples of innovations from around the world, the book offers opportunities to make clear connections between the underlying rationale for the use of simulation, and what this looks like in practice. Healthcare Simulation Education: Helps readers gain a systematic understanding of theory and application of simulation Facilitates access to high quality resources to support healthcare simulation education and research Edited by a leading team from the Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare (ASSH), the leading body for healthcare simulation in Australia Contains information on educational theory, the elements of simulation practice and contemporary issues in simulation An important text in healthcare literature and practice, Healthcare Simulation Education provides a unique cross-disciplinary overview of an innovative subject area, and is ideal for medical, nursing and allied health educators, policy makers and researchers.

5587.13 РУБ



Judy McKimm Essential Simulation in Clinical Education

This new addition to the popular Essentials series provides a broad, general introduction to the topic of simulation within clinical education. An ideal tool for both teaching and learning, Essential Simulation in Clinical Education provides a theoretical and practical introduction to the subject of simulation, whilst also offering strategies for successful use of simulators within general clinical education and demonstrating best practice throughout. This timely new title provides: The latest information on developments in the field, all supported by an evidence-base Content written by a global team of experts Discussion of policy and strategy initiatives to ground simulation within the healthcare context Practical examples of cases, including inter-professional learning. A superb companion for those involved in multi-disciplinary healthcare teaching, or interested in health care education practices, Essential Simulation in Clinical Education is the most comprehensive guide to the field currently available.

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Mike Davis How to Teach Using Simulation in Healthcare

How to Teach Using Simulation in Healthcare provides an ideal introduction and easy-to-use guide to simulation in medical education. Written by a team of experienced medical educators, this practical text – packed full of case examples and tips – is underpinned by the theory of simulation in education, and explores how to integrate simulation into teaching. Key topics include: Use of low, medium and high fidelity equipment Issues of simulation mapping and scenario design Role of human factors Formative and summative assessment New social media and technologies Detailed explorations of some examples of simulation. How to Teach Using Simulation in Healthcare is invaluable reading for all healthcare professionals interested and involved in the origins, theoretical underpinnings, and design implications of the use of simulation in medical education.

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Laura Gantt T. Healthcare Simulation. A Guide for Operations Specialists

A focused guide for healthcare simulation operations in education and training With the growing use of simulation within the field of healthcare, Healthcare Simulation: A Guide for Operations Specialists provides a much needed resource for developing the roles and responsibilities of simulation operations specialists. The book illustrates the current state and evolution of the simulation professional workforce and discusses the topics necessary for the development of these pivotal roles. The book promotes the value of simulation-based education in healthcare and its associated outcomes while clarifying the operational requirements of successful simulations. Featuring numerous contributions from international experts, consultants, and specialists, Healthcare Simulation: A Guide for Operations Specialists presents advances in healthcare simulation techniques and also features: Coverage of the best practices and available technologies for healthcare simulation operations specialists within healthcare education, training, and assessment Interdisciplinary, practical examples throughout to help readers better understand the presented material An overview of the many facets of day-to-day operations within a healthcare simulation program Discussions regarding the concurrent need for understanding proper patient care that accompanies the human-to-machine interface in patient simulation Healthcare Simulation: A Guide for Operations Specialists is an excellent reference for healthcare simulation professionals including administrators, medical directors, managers, simulation technologists, faculty members, and educators in academic and healthcare settings. The book is also a useful supplementary textbook for graduate-level courses related to simulation and certificate programs in simulation education and simulation operations.

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Charlotte Rees E. Healthcare Professionalism. Improving Practice through Reflections on Workplace Dilemmas

Healthcare Professionalism: Improving Practice through Reflections on Workplace Dilemmas provides the tools and resources to help raise professional standards within the healthcare system. Taking an evidence and case-based approach to understanding professional dilemmas in healthcare, this book examines principles such as applying professional and ethical guidance in practice, as well as raising concerns and making decisions when faced with complex issues that often have no absolute right answer. Key features include: Real-life dilemmas as narrated by hundreds of healthcare students globally A wide range of professionalism and inter-professionalism related topics Information based on the latest international evidence Using personal incident narratives to illustrate these dilemmas, as well as regulatory body professionalism standards, Healthcare Professionalism is an invaluable resource for students, healthcare professionals and educators as they explore their own professional codes of behaviour.

4345.62 РУБ



Bearman Margaret Simulated Patient Methodology. Theory, Evidence and Practice

Simulated Patient Methodology is a timely book, aimed at health professional educators and Simulated Patient (SP) practitioners. It connects theory and evidence with practice to ensure maximum benefit for those involved in SP programmes, in order to inform practice and promote innovation. The book provides a unique, contemporary, global overview of SP practice, for all health sciences educators. Simulated Patient Methodology: • Provides a cross-disciplinary overview of the field • Considers practical issues such as recruiting and training simulated patients, and the financial planning of SP programmes • Features case studies, illustrating theory in practice, drawn from across health professions and countries, to ensure relevance to localised contexts Written by world leaders in the field, this invaluable resource summarises the theoretical and practical basis of all human-based simulation methodologies.

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Brendan McCormack Practice Development in Nursing and Healthcare

In its first edition, Practice Development in Nursing made an important contribution to understanding practice development and its core components. Now fully updated to take into account the many developments in the field, the second edition continues to fill an important gap in the market for an accessible, practical text on what remains a key issue for all members of the healthcare team globally. Practice Development in Nursing and Healthcare explores the basis of practice development and its aims, implementation and impact on healthcare, to enable readers to be confident in their approaches to practice development. It is aimed at healthcare professionals in a variety of roles (for example clinical practice, education, research and quality improvement) and students, as well as those with a primary practice development role, in order to enable them to effectively and knowledgeably develop practice and the practice of others. Key features: New updated edition of a seminal text in the field, including significant new material Relevance to the entire healthcare team Accessible and practical in style, with case studies, scenarios and examples throughout Edited by and with contributions from experts in the field Fully updated to include the latest research Supported by a strong evidence base

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Newell Robert Research for Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare

This is an essential, accessible introduction to the practicalities of research and evidence-based practice aimed at all pre-registration nursing and healthcare students. It places research and evidence in the context of clinical practice, introduces the main methodological approaches in qualitative and quantitative research, and describes the processes of research appraisal, dissemination and implementation. The new edition of Research for Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare has been updated to include information for a broader health care audience. It engages students with the research and evidence agenda, demonstrates the relevance of research and evidence to nursing practice, and provides the skills needed to explore these areas in greater detail. Special features: · A practical guide to research methods and evidence-based practice · New edition of a successful student textbook · Includes a glossary of common research terms · Provides case studies, key points, further reading, and activities throughout · Accompanying website with links to further reading

2799.83 РУБ



Jo Rycroft-Malone Models and Frameworks for Implementing Evidence-Based Practice. Linking Evidence to Action

The Evidence-Based Nursing Series is co-published with Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI). The series focuses on implementing evidence-based practice in nursing and mirrors the remit of Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, encompassing clinical practice, administration, research and public policy. Models and Frameworks for Implementing Evidence- Based Practice: Linking Evidence to Action looks at ways of implementing evidence gained through research and factors that influence successful implementation. It acknowledges the gap that exists between obtaining evidence and the practicalities of putting it into practice and provides direction to help to close this gap. This, the first book in the series, helps the reader to make decisions about the appropriateness of using various models and frameworks. A selection of models and frameworks are examined in detail including examples of their use in practice. The book concludes with an analysis and synthesis of the included models and frameworks. The models and frameworks that have been included are based on a number of criteria: that they are internationally recognised, have undergone widespread evaluation and testing, are transferable across different settings, and can be used by different disciplines. Models and frameworks include: Stetler Model Ottowa Model of Research Use IOWA model of evidence-based practice Advancing Research and Clinical Practice through Close Collaboration (ARCC) model Dobbins’ dissemination and use of research evidence for policy and practice framework Joanna Briggs Institute model Knowledge to Action framework Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services (PARIHS) Key Points: Includes an overview of implementation issues and the use of theory and frameworks in implementing evidence into practice Chapters are written by the developers of the model or framework Each chapter provides background on an implementation model or framework, suitable applications, underlying theory and examples of use Each chapter examines strengths and weaknesses of each model alongside barriers and facilitators for its implementation

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Trisha Greenhalgh How to Implement Evidence-Based Healthcare

From the author of the bestselling introduction to evidence-based medicine, this brand new title makes sense of the complex and confusing landscape of implementation science, the role of research impact, and how to avoid research waste. How to Implement Evidence-Based Healthcare clearly and succinctly demystifies the implementation process, and explains how to successfully apply evidence-based healthcare to practice in order to ensure safe and effective practice. Written in an engaging and practical style, it includes frameworks, tools and techniques for successful implementation and behavioural change, as well as in-depth coverage and analysis of key themes and topics with a focus on: Groups and teams Organisations Patients Technology Policy Networks and systems. How to Implement Evidence-Based Healthcare is essential reading for students, clinicians and researchers focused on evidence-based medicine and healthcare, implementation science, applied healthcare research, and those working in public health, public policy, and management.

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Rita Sommers-Flanagan Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories in Context Practice. Skills, Strategies, Techniques

Apply the major psychotherapy theories into practice with this comprehensive text Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories in Context and Practice: Skills, Strategies, and Techniques, 2nd Edition is an in-depth guide that provides useful learning aids, instructions for ongoing assessment, and valuable case studies. More than just a reference, this approachable resource highlights practical applications of theoretical concepts, covering both theory and technique with one text. Easy to read and with engaging information that has been recently revised to align with the latest in industry best practices, this book is the perfect resource for graduate level counseling theory courses in counselor education, marriage and family therapy, counseling psychology, and clinical psychology. Included with each copy of the text is an access code to the online Video Resource Center (VRC). The VRC features eleven videos—each one covering a different therapeutic approach using real therapists and clients, not actors. These videos provide a perfect complement to the book by showing what the different theories look like in practice. The Second Edition features: New chapters on Family Systems Theory and Therapy as well as Gestalt Theory and Therapy Extended case examples in each of the twelve Theory chapters A treatment planning section that illustrates how specific theories can be used in problem formulation, specific interventions, and potential outcomes assessment Deeper and more continuous examination of gender and cultural issues An evidence-based status section in each Theory chapter focusing on what we know from the scientific research, with the goal of developing critical thinking skills A new section on Outcome Measures that provides ideas on how client outcomes can be tracked using practice-based evidence Showcasing the latest research, theory, and evidence-based practice in an engaging and relatable style, Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories in Context and Practice is an illuminating text with outstanding practical value.

8248.71 РУБ



Kent Bridie Clinical Context for Evidence-Based Practice

The Evidence-Based Nursing Series is co-published with Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI). The series focuses on implementing evidence-based practice in nursing and midwifery and mirrors the remit of Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, encompassing clinical practice, administration, research and public policy. Clinical Context for Evidence-Based Practice provides insights into the key contextual issues to be considered in the implementation and assessment of evidence-based practice. Increasingly, implementation research is demonstrating that for evidence to be successfully implemented into practice, the context of practice needs to be considered. Clinical Context for Evidence-Based Practice addresses professional, educational, and organizational contextual issues that impact on the implementation of evidence into practice and the bringing about of practice change. Practical strategies that have been used effectively to overcome these contextual issues in a range of healthcare settings are identified. Specific contextual issues in different care settings are also addressed e.g. acute care, primary health care, peri-operative settings, paediatrics, aged care, mental health, midwifery. Each chapter is written by an internationally known and respected author, with experience of developing or reviewing contextual strategies that have an impact on the implementation and utilisation of research in practice. They explore how gaining a better understanding of context made a difference to the implementation process or outcome and address the potential to transfer different approaches to a range of healthcare settings. An informative, practical resource for nurses and other health care professionals Explores context-related models and approaches to implementation Informs implementation and enables effective decision making Critically appraises contextual factors across the spectrum of care Explores future directions and implications Includes case examples

4822.4 РУБ



Stephen Richmond Evidence-Based Orthodontics

Evidence-Based Orthodontics satisfies the educational demands of orthodontics, which demands the integration of the best research evidence with the clinician’s expertise and the patient’s unique values and circumstances. This land-mark text is the first to be devoted to the methodology, principles and practice of evidence-based practice in orthodontics. It aims to serve as a reference for those wishing to understand the principles of evidence-based practice including the foundation for clinical study design, epidemiology and the statistical inferences from data. The ability to define a search strategy from established databases and to identify relevant clinical and translational research in the scientific published literature requires a new approach in orthodontic education. Evidence-Based Orthodontics provides a contemporary approach to those strategies in clinical orthodontic practice. The growing ability to translate critical appraisals of evidence into clinical practice and evaluate clinical evidence for its validity and potential usefulness requires an understanding of basic elements in epidemiology and biostatistics. Evidence-Based Orthodontics provides its readers with a cogent, clear resource with which to navigate and understand this important subject area. It provides students and practitioners of orthodontics with an indispensible guide to this vital tenet of education, research, and clinical practice.

7722.94 РУБ



Tim Swanwick Understanding Medical Education. Evidence, Theory, and Practice

Created on behalf of the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME), this completely revised and updated new edition of Understanding Medical Education synthesises the latest knowledge, evidence and best practice across the continuum of medical education. Written and edited by an international team, this latest edition continues tocover a wide range of subject matter within five broad areas – Foundations, Teaching and Learning, Assessment and Selection, Research and Evaluation, Faculty and Learners – as well as featuring a wealth of new material including new chapters on the science of learning, knowledge synthesis, and learner support and well-being. The third edition of Understanding Medical Education: Provides a comprehensive and authoritative resource summarising the theoretical and academic bases to modern medical education practice Meets the needs of all newcomers to medical education whether undergraduate or postgraduate, including those studying at certificate, diploma or masters level Offers a global perspective on medical education from leading experts from across the world Providing practical guidance and exploring medical education in all its diversity, Understanding Medical Education continues to be an essential resource for both established educators and all those new to the field.

7187.25 РУБ



John Sokolowski A. The Digital Patient. Advancing Healthcare, Research, and Education

A modern guide to computational models and constructive simulation for personalized patient care using the Digital Patient The healthcare industry’s emphasis is shifting from merely reacting to disease to preventing disease and promoting wellness. Addressing one of the more hopeful Big Data undertakings, The Digital Patient: Advancing Healthcare, Research, and Education presents a timely resource on the construction and deployment of the Digital Patient and its effects on healthcare, research, and education. The Digital Patient will not be constructed based solely on new information from all the “omics” fields; it also includes systems analysis, Big Data, and the various efforts to model the human physiome and represent it virtually. The Digital Patient will be realized through the purposeful collaboration of patients as well as scientific, clinical, and policy researchers. The Digital Patient: Advancing Healthcare, Research, and Education addresses the international research efforts that are leading to the development of the Digital Patient, the wealth of ongoing research in systems biology and multiscale simulation, and the imminent applications within the domain of personalized healthcare. Chapter coverage includes: The visible human The physiological human The virtual human Research in systems biology Multi-scale modeling Personalized medicine Self-quantification Visualization Computational modeling Interdisciplinary collaboration The Digital Patient: Advancing Healthcare, Research, and Education is a useful reference for simulation professionals such as clinicians, medical directors, managers, simulation technologists, faculty members, and educators involved in research and development in the life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering. The book is also an ideal supplement for graduate-level courses related to human modeling, simulation, and visualization.

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A Monumental Basquiat Inspired by a Seminal Text ...

“I get my facts from books,” declared Jean-Michel Basquiat. A voracious reader who “ate up every word that appeared in front of him,” as downtown critic Glenn ...

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Jean-Michel Basquiat: New York Graffiti Artist

Brooklyn-born Jean-Michel Basquiat was the eldest of three children. His mother Matilde Andrades was of Puerto Rican descent, while his father Gerard ...

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Joe Batic в Твиттере: «last nights seemin pretty foggy right...»

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Galerie Dada sells hand painted art reproductions of paintings by Matisse, Gauguin, Klee, Modigliani, Lempicka, Kahlo and many other famous artists.


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Женская обувь MICHEL BATIC на Evolution Boutique. Ознакомьтесь с новинками MICHEL BATIC весна/лето 2016. Evolution ... Сандалии с каблуком.

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Jean-Michel Cazabat. Главная. Бренды. Jean-Michel Cazabat. Для женщин. Обувь. Женские босоножки, сандалии Jean-Michel Cazabat. Женские босоножки, сандалии Jean-Michel Cazabat. Сортировать по

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Jean-Michel Cazabat Замшевые сандалии Olympia на SHOPBOP - САМАЯ БЫСТРАЯ БЕСПЛАТНАЯ ДОСТАВКА ПО СНГ. КУПИТЬ Jean-Michel Cazabat онлайн. ... Вещь была добавлена в корзину и будет зарезервирована на 30 минут. После этого времени элемент останется в вашей корзине, но доступность не может быть гарантирована. Jean-Michel Cazabat. Замшевые сандалии Olympia. / Оформить заказ. Вам также может понравиться.

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Отзывы Перчатки, Michel Katana. Темно-зеленый.

Главная » Женские аксессуары » Женские перчатки » Женские кожаные перчатки. Чудесные женские перчатки - для создания привлекательного образа городской модницы. Изделие выполнено из мягкой натуральной кожи актуального цвета. Подклад: шелк.

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Home » Перчатки женские » Перчатки на подкладе шёлк » MICHEL KATANA. MICHEL KATANA. Акция! On page 15 30 45 все.

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Перчатки женские. Сортировка: Название Цена Дата Популярность Предустановленная. Количество: Все 5 10 15 20 25 27 50. Торговая марка: Все A&M A&M GANCOS S.A. Цена: от До Руб. Сбросить фильтр. Перчатки женские. Торговая марка: A&M GANCOS S.A. (Артикул: 979CBL). Цена: 3980 Руб. Перчатки длинные, выполнены из высококачественной кожи ягненка. Размеры: 6,5; 7,0; 7,5; 8,0. Цвет: Черный. Подкладка: Кашемир.

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Jean-Michel Basquiat - Wikipedia

Jean-Michel Basquiat (New York, 22 december 1960 – aldaar, 12 augustus 1988) was een Amerikaans neo-expressionistisch (en van oorsprong graffiti)-kunstenaar van ...

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Сумки Michele Сумка. ... JEAN-MICHEL CAZABAT Сандалии. эффект ламинирования, без аппликаций, ... MICHEL BATIC Полусапоги и высокие ботинки.

Intersecting Icons: Keith Haring, Madonna, Jean-Michel ...

Keith Haring ventured to New York City in ’78 to study at The School of Visual Arts where he formed a close group of friends who bonded through a shared ...

Jean-Michel Basquiat — Wikipédia

Jean-Michel Basquiat, né à Brooklyn le 22 décembre 1960 et mort le 12 août 1988 à NoHo, est un artiste peintre américain. Il devient très tôt un peintre d ...


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... Горшок для жаркого Борисовская керамика Мрамор с ручками 0 5 л, MICHEL BATIC Сандалии, Доска разделочная S size 420 235 20мм Hatamoto,.

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Покупай Michel Batic для Женщин онлайн на Yoox. Открой для себя мир Yoox. Доставка по ... MICHEL BATIC - Сандалии Предпросмотр. MICHEL BATIC.

Jean-Michel Basquiat - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Jean-Michel Basquiat (Brooklyn, Nueva York; 22 de diciembre de 1960 - Manhattan, Nueva York; 12 de agosto de 1988) fue un artista, poeta, músico, dibujante y pintor ...

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Ищете где купить модные женские Сандалии? Жми! Лучшие модели 2018 года. Скидки до ... MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Сандалии 16 500 руб. Сандалии.

Jean-Michel Basquiat - Wikipedia

Biografia. Jean-Michel Basquiat nacque a Brooklyn, borough di New York, il 22 dicembre del 1960 da padre haitiano originario di Port-au-Prince, il contabile Gérard ...

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Купить женские перчатки с бесплатной доставкой по России. Каталог с ценами на 347 товаров от официального производителя. ... Мы собрали в одном месте все предложения крупнейших интернет-магазинов, где можно купить женские перчатки. Всего 347 товаров. Сортировать по: Популярности | Размеру скидки | Самые дорогие | Самые дешевые.

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Стильные перчатки Michel Katana с шелковой подкладкой выполнены из мягкой и приятной на ощупь натуральной кожи. Перчатки станут достойным элементом вашего стиля и сохранят тепло ваших рук. Touch Screen Sensitive - пальцы этих перчаток чувствительны к сенсорным экранам гаджетов.

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В нашем интернет-магазине вы можете выгодно купить лучшие товары, такие как товары Michel batic. Брендовые предметы гардероба из Италии ...

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Новые Название Цена за пару. Сандалии женские San-A06-1. 650 ₽. 5 200 ₽. San-A06-1. Кол-во в коробе: 8. 36-37-38-39-40-41 (1-1-2-2-1-1). в корзину. Добавить в избранное. Сандалии женские San-E10-2. 650 ₽. 5 200 ₽. San-E10-2. Кол-во в коробе: 8. 36-37-38-39-40-41 (1-1-2-2-1-1). в корзину. Добавить в избранное.

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Сандалии Stella McCartney 341110-W0VG1-9788 · Stella McCartney. Сандалии. 28 950 13 550 руб. -33%. Сандалии Jana 8-8-28103-20-957/225. Jana.

batic | eBay

scarpe donna MICHEL BATIC sandali nero pelle AG20. Совершенно новый. 3 405,19 руб. ... новый галстук краситель batic двойной покрывало плед-хиппи довольно обменял ИНДИИ СЛОН. Совершенно новый. 1 695,42 руб.

Jean Michel Basquiat peintre - Biographie Jean Michel ...

Jean-Michel Basquiat, artiste peintre américain, naît à Brooklyn, New York, le 22 décembre 1960. Biographie, oeuvres et tableaux basquiat.

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Здесь вы найдете и сможете купить женские перчатки, варежки Michel Katana в лучших интернет-магазинах по выгодным ценам, со скидками и акциями. ... Женские перчатки, варежки Michel Katana. Первыми показаны товары на распродаже, с максимальной скидкой.

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Стильные перчатки Michel Katana с шерстяной подкладкой выполнены из мягкой и приятной на ощупь натуральной кожи, станут… Michel Katana. похожие товары. ... Длина манжеты 6,5 см, Touch Screen Sensitive - пальцы перчаток чувствительны к сенсорным... Michel Katana.

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Купить женская обувь Michel Batic с бесплатной доставкой по России. Более 106 моделей в наличии. ... Сандалии Michel Batic. ремешки, одноцветное ...

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Женские сандалии Solillas — 5 товаров в каталоге по цене от 2290 рублей. Все размеры, большие скидки и доставка по всей России.

Перчатки Michel Katana. Фото, каталог, цены на...

Michel Katana. Перчатки. 12 300 руб. Michel Katana. Перчатки. 11 890 руб. ... Перчатки женские Michel Katana, цвет: чернильный. K81-IF1. Размер 6,5.

BBC - Culture - Jean-Michel Basquiat: The life and work ...

He took the 1980s art world by storm – and then at just 27, he was gone. Alastair Sooke looks back at the short life and stunning work of Jean-Michel ...

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Адреса магазинов мужской, женской и детской обуви Rendez-vous (Рандеву) на карте. Бесплатная доставка по всей России. Более 80-и магазинов по России и более 30 по Москве.

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Michel Katana. Перчатки. 4 250 руб. Перчатки Michel Katana. Michel Katana. Перчатки. 4 650 руб. Перчатки Michel Katana. Michel Katana. Перчатки. 4 750 руб. Перчатки Michel Katana. Michel Katana. Перчатки. 5 590 руб. Перчатки Michel Katana. Michel Katana. Перчатки. 3 250 руб. Перчатки Michel Katana. Michel Katana. Перчатки. 2 850 руб. Перчатки Michel Katana. Michel Katana. Перчатки. 2 850 руб. Перчатки Michel Katana. Michel Katana. Перчатки. 2 850 руб.

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Подборка популярных товаров №3 на glasstradeltd.ru

Logan Женские кожаные сандалии · THE BOOTS ... PIRANHA Женские сандалии-гладиаторы · STAFFELL Балетки .... MICHEL BATIC Сандалии

Michel Perry женские на высоком каблуке | eBay

Найдите на eBay выгодные предложения по запросу Michel Perry женские ... Michel Perry женские черные и красные высокие каблуки, сандалии, размер ...

Jean-Michel Basquiat Biografie - Informationen - Kauf-Angebote

Jean-Michel Basquiat. New York 1960 - New York 1988 Jean-Michel Basquiat wird am 22.2.1960 in New York geboren, der Vater stammt aus Haiti, die Mutter ist ...

Basquiat (film) - Wikipedia

Basquiat is a 1996 American biographical drama film directed by Julian Schnabel based on the life of American postmodernist/neo expressionist artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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Лучшие модели босоножек и сандалий. ... Neil Barret, Michael Kors, Sergio Rossi, Casadei, John Richmond, Armani, Gianvito Rossi, Carlo Pignatelli, Marc ...

Batic : Michel. Author olga Snroganova

Сандалии для мальчиков. Сапоги. Туфли. Ортопедическая обувь для детей. Ортопедические стельки. Сноубутсы детские. Навигатор сайта.

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Здесь в иллюстрированном реестре товаров вы можете выбрать и закупить перчатки женские michel katana цвет чернильный k81 if1 размер 7 5 по непревзойденным ценам в москве, спб, астрахани, челябинске, новосибирске, и так же во огромном множестве остальных поселений по завлекающей акции. В данном реестре невероятное множество избранных брендов: michel katana, а так же, заодно вам выйдет комфортабельно их сопоставить для поиска нужной покупки.

Michel Batic интернет-магазин на Shopsy - Shopsy.ru

Более 7 товаров в каталоге Michel Batic с доставкой по России. ❤ Купить лучшие предложения от интернет-магазинов!

L.a.m.b. — Купить женские сандалии: двухцветный узор - H4 Market

Заказать женские сандалии: двухцветный узор L.a.m.b.. ... melissa Melissa melissa + jason wu melissa + karl lagerfeld michel batic michel vivien miista Miu ...

Перчатки женские Michel Katana, цвет: оранжевый.

Стильные кожаные женские перчатки. Бесплатная доставка. ... Женские кожаные перчатки широко представлены в интернет-магазине "10000 сумок". Более 700 моделей ждут вас. Выбирайте и заказывайте.

Jean-Michel Basquiat - Wikipedia

Early life. Jean-Michel Basquiat was born in Brooklyn, New York, on December 22, 1960, shortly after the death of his elder brother, Max. He was the second of four ...

Jean-Michel Basquiat

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Платье | Ekinspired - Часть 2

12 июн. 2010 г. - Слева направо: Пелерина платье: Talbot Runhof, € 899, ювелирные изделия: IsabelleFa; мешок: Antik Batik, сандалии: Unützer. Пинафор ...

Перчатки женские Michel Katana MICHEL KATANA купить

Размер: Без размера INT. Модель: Перчатки женские Michel Katana MICHEL KATANA. Раздел каталога: Перчатки и Варежки. Производитель: Michel Katana. Продавец: интернет-магазин ShowRooms. Цена актуальна на дату: 27.08.2017 г. На текущий момент цены могут отличаться, предложение не является публичной офертой.

Сандалии, Обувь. Дешево Россия - infostoresfor.info Россия

Сандалии, Обувь. Дешево Россия. ... Россия. 2 029 р. Сандалии с веревочным верхом и пайетками. Описание: ... MICHEL BATIC Сандалии. Эффект ...

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Товары MICHEL от 1050 рублей. Представлено более 498 моделей, купить по выгодным ценам, распродажи, акции, скидки. ... Michele chiocciolini (3) michele galassi (1) MIMI liberté by michel klein (29) de michele (1) michele D'ambra...

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Выбираете Перчатки женские Michel Katana MICHEL KATANA от SHOWROOMS? Читайте реальные отзывы у нас на сайте. ... Перчатки женские Eleganzza ELEGANZZA. 2 100 ₽ 1 800 ₽. Перчатки женские Eleganzza ELEGANZZA. 6 300 ₽ 5 350 ₽. Перчатки Fiato 1511 ЧЕРНЫЙ. 2 990 ₽ 1 890 ₽. Перчатки женские Labbra LABBRA. 3 250 ₽ 2 750 ₽. Перчатки женские длинные Labbra LABBRA. 6 750 ₽. Перчатки женские Labbra LABBRA. 3 650 ₽ 2 550 ₽.

Michael Batic Profiles | Facebook

View the profiles of people named Michael Batic. Join Facebook to connect with Michael Batic and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to...Не найдено: сандалииFIORANGELO - Обувь на шнуровке | YOOX обувь | Pinterest | Bbhttps://www.pinterest.com/pin/776308054487655456/LE STELLE - Сандалии. Designer ShoesSize ... Michel Batic Мокасины Для Женщин - Мокасины Michel Batic на YOOX - 11111164DF. from yoox.com.

Michel Batic Мокасины Для Женщин - Мокасины Michel Batic на ...

Michel Batic Мокасины Для Женщин - Мокасины Michel Batic на YOOX - 11111164DF.Не найдено: сандалииSALVADOR RIBES - Сандалии | YOOX обувь | Pinterest | Salvadorhttps://www.pinterest.com/pin/776308054487655509/SALVADOR RIBES - Сандалии. 8 Ankle Boot - Men 8 Ankle Boots online on YOOX ... LOLA CRUZ - Сандалии. Lola CruzDesigner Shoes. LOLA CRUZ - ...

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Только фирменные сандалии для женщин предлагаются на прилавках магазина miolashop.ru. Постоянно обновляющийся перечень изделий, ...

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Найдено 63 товарв из каталога Michel Perry в интернет-магазинах на ... Сандалии Michel Perry ... Черные Полусапоги и высокие ботинки Michel Perry .

Женские сандалии GEDEBE - купить в интернет-магазине в ...

Широкий ассортимент женских сандалий GEDEBE в интернет-магазине по лучшим ценам.

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-15% MICHEL KATANA` Перчатки в подарочной упаковке 11 815 a 13 900 a Скидка от Wildberries. -20% MICHEL KATANA` Перчатки 5 472 a 6 840 a Скидка от Wildberries. -15% MICHEL KATANA` Перчатки в подарочной упаковке 6 698 a 7 880 a Скидка от Wildberries. -20% MICHEL KATANA` Перчатки 4 560 a 5 700 a Скидка от Wildberries. -30% MICHEL KATANA` Перчатки 4 445 a 6 350 a Скидка от Wildberries. -30% MICHEL KATANA` Перчатки 4 445 a 6 350 a Скидка от Wildberries.

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Бренд MICHEL BATIC доступен для покупки в 1 интернет-магазине: YOOX RU. ... Купить MICHEL BATIC можно в следующих интернет-магазинах: в YOOX RU. Copyright © 2016–2018. All Rights Reserved.

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К счастью, отмечу что женские перчатки michel katana - отзывы покупателей, понравилось! покупала сразу 2 цвета, яркое впечатление за одно мгновение. Кудырко Алёна Доставка была в город: Смоленск 2018-09-28. Больше всего понравилось в товаре , то что : К моей радости, отмечу что женские перчатки michel katana - отзывы покупателей, не первый раз приобретаю эту модель, после того как, в руках подержишь, кажется еще интересней, доставка оставила приятное впечатление.

Отзывы о Ортопедическая детская обувь Батичелли

Отзывы › Одежда и обувь › Обувь детская › Босоножки, сандалии детские › Батичелли. Ортопедическая детская обувь Батичелли - отзывы. Рекомендуют 81%.

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< > Перчатки женские Michel Katana – SHOWROOMS. Michel Katana. 7 400 руб. Купить в SHOWROOMS. О товаре. Натуральная кожа ягненка. 100% шерсть. Все купоны и скидки SHOWROOMS. Другие модели Michel Katana (17)>Посмотреть все.

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Официальные сайты-магазины MICHEL BATIC: в YOOX RU. Copyright © 2016–2018. ... Здесь официальный сайт и интернет-магазин MICHEL BATIC на русском, и получается только у нас в Москве приятные цены по каталогу. Есть как новые коллекции, так и дисконт с распродажами.

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Jean-Michel Basquiat Art Reproductions | Galerie Dada

Jean-Michel Basquiat Fine Art Reproductions, Oil Painting Reproductions - Art for Sale at Galerie Dada

Для полной функциональности этого сайта необходимо включить ...

... cotofine • cotton • cotton glace • cotton gold • cotton gold batic • cotton gold batik • cotton passion • cotton twirl ruffled shawl • cottonharmony • country • country ...

Сандалии в Нижнем Новгороде - страница 6 - NN.ru

Сандалии в Нижнем Новгороде - страница 6 - Купить выгодно товары в Нижнем Новгороде. Цены в интернет-магазинах Нижнего Новгорода. Отзывы о ...

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MHYONS детские кожаные сандалии 2018 для мальчиков 2018 мягкая кожа летом мальчиков и девочек детская пляжная обувь модные спортивные сандалии. 0.0 (0 голоса(ов)) Магазин: MHYONS Official Store. 850,86 - 1 280,22 руб.

Jean-Michel Basquiat: Dieter Buchhart, Glenn O'Brien, Jean ...

Jean-Michel Basquiat [Dieter Buchhart, Glenn O'Brien, Jean-Louis Prat, Susanne Reichling, Jean-Michel Basquiat] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Перчатки женские Michel Katana, цвет: светло-розовый.

Цвет: светло-розовый • Материал: натуральная кожа • Тип: укороченные перчатки • Стильные укороченные перчатки Michel Katana с шелковой подкладкой выполнены из мягкой и приятной на ощупь натуральной кожи ягненка на хлопковой подкладке. Перчатки станут достойным элементом вашего стиля и сохранят тепло ваших рук.

Купить женские перчатки от Maison Michel | Женская мода

Женская мода › Перчатки. Добавить в Гардероб. Убрать из Гардероба. ... di Maison Michel Modische Handschuhe für Damen von Maison Michel für Herbst 2018 kaufen Acheter gants femmes Maison Michel Acheter gants femmes Maison Michel Modische Handschuhe für Damen von Maison Michel für Herbst 2018 kaufen Women's Gloves by Maison Michel.

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80 товаров в наличии - предложения от официальных интернет-магазинов - перчатки Michel Katana, женские - цена от 17481 тг - доставка по Казахстану + примерка перед покупкой! ... В каталоге собраны все предложения от популярных интернет-магазинов, в которых можно купить женские перчатки Michel Katana с доставкой по Казахстану, Астана.

Michel Batic Archivi

Michel Batic. Бутик МОДА Покупки в Италии. Donati Shoes вутик итальянской марки в Италии. 13 febbraio 201515 febbraio 2016 topitalianstyle Alexander Smith, Crime London, Di Marra, Diadora, Elena Iachi, Gianni Marra, Laura Bellariva, Michel Batic, O.X.S., Officine Creative, Pantanetti, Patrizia Pepe, Paul Smith, Premiata, Pura Lopez, Salvador Ribes, Santoni, Tangerine, Vic Matiè, Магазин одежды - Италия.

Basquiat - Wikipedia

Jeffrey Wright: Jean-Michel Basquiat; Michael Wincott: René Ricard; Benicio del Toro: Benny Dalmau; Claire Forlani: Gina Cardinale; David Bowie: Andy Warhol

Обувь : Сандалии MICHEL PERRY (12668BEIGE)

Трендовые женские сандалии от Michel Perry исполнены из песочно- коричневой кожи и оформлены белыми полосками. Тонкие фиксирующие ремешки ...

Женские сумки, клатчи, портфели и рюкзаки в …

ВЫБЕРИТЕ МАГАЗИН ДЛЯ САМОВЫВОЗА. Товар будет доступен для самовывоза до конца рабочего дня в указанном вами магазине

Перчатки женские Michel Katana, цвет: сиреневый.

Женские перчатки из коллекции 2019 по цене от 2 240 руб. купить в интернет-магазине ЦУМ. Онлайн каталог, быстрая и удобная доставка, круглосуточная поддержка. ... Женские перчатки. Появляться дамам в обществе без перчаток считалось неприличным вплоть до 1930-х годов. Сегодня перчатки в первую очередь выполняют функциональную роль (защищают от холода), поэтому самой большой популярностью пользуются модели из шерсти, кожи или меха.

Michel Perry Обувь - Michel Perry Для Женщин - YOOX

MICHEL PERRY. Сандалии. 27 500 руб 9 050 руб. 36 38 · MICHEL PERRY - Сандалии Предпросмотр. MICHEL PERRY. Сандалии. 28 000 руб 12 850 руб.

Michel Watersport - 1 964 фото - 26 отзывов - Спорт и досуг...

louis michel сандалии. атлас, без аппликаций, одноцветное изделие, ремешок на щиколотке, скругленный носок, шпилька, обтянутый каблук, внутри кожа, резиновая подошва, содержит нетекстильные части животного происхождения. LOUIS MICHEL Сандалии. Пр-во: LOUIS MICHEL.

Женские перчатки MICHEL KATANA

Каталог женские перчаток бренда «MICHEL KATANA`». Широкий ассортимент новых моделей 2017/2018 года. Brandhub нашел лучшие предложения от 2 официальных магазинов – 121 товар со скидками до 68% c ценами от 1 990 руб. Вы смотрите 1 страницу.

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Женские перчатки Michel Katana. 140 товаров найдено в каталоге Michel Katana. Еще от Michel Katana.

Наволочка к подушке Chicco Boppy Silverleaf купить в Саранске

... светильник Sade 357366, Сцепка EUROSYSTEMS 2 регулировки к Stiga 3255100000, MICHEL BATIC Сандалии, Бульонница ZHAN PENG Rustic 460 мл ...

Купить Перчатки женские Michel Katana, цвет: фуксия.

Купить Прочее (Женская одежда) Перчатки женские Michel Katana, цвет: фуксия. K81-IF1. Размер 6,5 в официальном интернет магазине с доставкой и гарантией Michel Katana по доступной цене. Перчатки женские Michel Katana, цвет: фуксия. K81-IF1. Размер 6,5 - отзывы, фотографии, описание, характеристики. Сравнение цены в других магазинах.

Перчатки женские Michel Katana, цвет: черный. - Москва

Описание: Стильные женские перчатки Michel Katana выполнены из чрезвычайно мягкой и приятной на ощупь натуральной кожи. Модель декорирована кожаной оборкой по краю манжеты. В настоящее время перчатки являются неотъемлемой принадлежностью одежды, вместе с этим аксессуаром вы обретаете женственность и элегантность. Они станут завершающим и подчеркивающим элементом вашего стиля и неповторимости.

Перчатки Michel Katana - купить по лучшей цене...

Купить кожаные перчатки в интернет магазине «Perchatki Kozhanye» не выходя из дома стало еще проще. Мы доставим кожаные перчатки по Москве и МО до трех пар для примерки. Заходите! ... Перчатки кожаные. Кожаные перчатки являются важным аксессуаром и элементом мужского и женского гардероба. Они делают образ завершенным и придают особую элегантность, подчеркивая индивидуальность, социальный статус и вкус владельца.

Ботинки, Обувь Купить с Доставкой Самара

MICHEL BATIC Полусапоги и высокие ботинки. Полированная кожа, без аппликаций, одноцветное изделие, молния, скругленный носок, внутри кожа, ...

Сандалии Купить В Интернет-Магазине | Женская Одежда, Обувь ...

Женские сандалии - модели 2018 года! Известные торговые марки и бренды по лучшей цене.

Michel Batic — Каталог товаров — Яндекс.Маркет

Сандалии Michel Batic. 10 000 ₽. Цены 2. ОтложитьОтложено. Добавить в отложенные. СравнитьВ сравнении. Сандалии Michel Batic. 10 000 ₽. Цены 2.

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Покупайте товары категории: Обувь на шнурках на сайте TopBoots.ru ! Лучшие цены! Большой выбор!

Сандалии - купить женские модели 2018 года, интернет-магазин ...

Лучшие женские Сандалии, которые подчеркнут вашу женственность!. Бесплатная доставка, скидки и распродажи до 70%!

Tim Swanwick Understanding Medical Education. Evidence,Theory and Practice

In this new and extensively updated second edition, the Association for the Study of Medical Education presents a complete and authoritative guide to medical education. Written by leading experts in the field, Understanding Medical Education provides a comprehensive resource of the theoretical and academic bases to modern medical education practice. This authoritative and accessible reference is designed to meet the needs of all those working in medical education from undergraduate education through postgraduate training to continuing professional development. As well as providing practical guidance for clinicians, teachers and researchers, Understanding Medical Education will prove an invaluable resource to those studying at certificate, diploma or masters level and a first ‘port-of-call’ for anyone engaged in medical education as an academic discipline. Exploring medical education in all its diversity and containing all you need in one place, Understanding Medical Education is the ideal reference not only for medical educators, but for anyone involved in the development of healthcare professionals, in whatever discipline wherever they are in the world.

6220.33 РУБ



Sharon Todd Philosophy East / West. Exploring Intersections between Educational and Contemplative Practices

Philosophy East/West showcases new scholarship in the philosophy of education and contemplative studies, paying particular attention to the intersection of mindfulness, evidence-based science, and wisdom traditions. Moves beyond simplistic explanations of “Eastern” and “Western” to explore the complexity and diversity of various wisdom traditions Investigates the effect of mindfulness-based curricular interventions on current educational theory and practice Uses insights from important Western philosophers—including Heidegger, Levinas, and Foucault—to situate contemplative practice within contemporary educational theory Emphasizes the importance of transcultural and intercultural approaches in the philosophy of education

2621.03 РУБ



Cynthia Lietz Applying Theory to Generalist Social Work Practice

The social workers guide to integrating theory and practice Applying Theory to Generalist Social Work Practice teaches aspiring social workers how to apply theory in real world practice. Fully aligned with the Council on Social Work Educations 2015 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards, the book links theory to practice with clear, concise instruction including a discussion of evidence-based practice. Twelve commonly-used theories are thoroughly explained, with discussion of the strengths and limitations of each, and applied to real work with individuals, groups, families, communities, and organizations. The book includes case studies and first-person contributions from practicing social workers to illustrate the real-world scenarios in which different concepts apply. Critical thinking questions help students strengthen their understanding of the ideas presented. Tools including a test bank, PowerPoint slides, and an instructors manual are available to facilitate classroom use, providing a single-volume guide to the entire helping process, from engagement to termination. Practice is a core foundational course for future social workers, but many practice texts focus on skills while neglecting the theoretical basis for social work. Applying Theory to Generalist Social Work Practice fills that gap by covering both skills and theory in a single text. Examines the applications of prevailing social theories Covers the most common theories used in micro, mezzo, and macro practice Helps readers understand well-established approaches like strengths perspective, humanistic and client-centered, task-centered, and solution-focused brief therapy Shows how to apply major theories including ecological/system, cognitive/behavioral, conflict, empowerment, narrative, crisis, critical, and feminist An effective social worker recognizes the link between theory and practice, and how the two inform each other to culminate in the most effective intervention and most positive outcome for the client. Applying Theory to Generalist Social Work Practice provides students with a roadmap to the full integration of philosophy and application in social work.

5624.83 РУБ



Carmela Nanton R. Tectonic Boundaries: Negotiating Convergent Forces in Adult Education. New Directions for and Continuing Education, Number 149

Much like how tectonic plates interact, this volume explores the convergent, divergent, and transforming interaction of multiple forces pressing against adult contemporary education. Presenting multiple perspectives and environments, topics covered include: possibilities and requirements for change that will be needed in curriculum, philosophy, programs and practice, strategies for negotiating the interactive boundaries of a dynamic, complex, fluid global environment, and case studies and examples from theory, pedagogy, technology, healthcare, workplace, society, and policies. This is the 149th volume of the Jossey Bass series New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education. Noted for its depth of coverage, it explores issues of common interest to instructors, administrators, counselors, and policymakers in a broad range of education settings, such as colleges and universities, extension programs, businesses, libraries, and museums.

2174.23 РУБ



Trisha Dunning Diabetes Education. Art, Science and Evidence

Diabetes education is a process, the key to which is establishing a therapeutic relationship with the individual. The overall goal of diabetes education is to enhance the individual’s health capability, including their ability to solve problems and apply the learning to self-care. Thus, diabetes education is an interactive process of teaching and learning where information is co-generated. This innovative and thought-provoking new book explores the ‘how’ of diabetes education, rather than the ‘what’ and the ‘why’. Diabetes Education: Art, Science and Evidence helps healthcare practitioners teach diabetes effectively from diagnosis onwards and ensure people living with diabetes receive individualised support and information. It enables practitioners and educators to examine and reflect on their practice when managing the person with diabetes. Bringing together all the thinking and experience of the diabetes journey in one text, this book is essential reading for all practitioners and students involved in diabetes care. SPECIAL FEATURES: Features short stories, case studies, illustrative quotes, practice points and reflection points throughout Edited by an internationally renowned expert in the field Contributions from some of the world’s leading diabetes educators This title is also available as a mobile App from MedHand Mobile Libraries. Buy it now from iTunes, Google Play or the MedHand Store.

4589.03 РУБ



David Parkin Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Improve Health Care

A practical, introductory guide to the best use of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) to improve the quality of health care and patient health. Only title to exclusively introduce, explain and show how PROs can be best used to improve healthcare and patient outcomes Includes real life examples and case studies of PROs in practice Assesses the growing evidence base for PROs in practice Editor team from Office of Health Economics (OHE), The Kings Fund and King’s College London with contributions from practising clinicians, GPs and other healthcare professionals

2561.27 РУБ



Karen Sowers M. Social Work Practice with Groups, Communities, and Organizations. Evidence-Based Assessments Interventions

A solid, theory-to-practice guide to contemporary mezzo and macro social work Written by a renowned team of scholars, Social Work Practice with Groups, Communities, and Organizations focuses on the contemporary theory and practice of social work. Each chapter delves deeply into the key theoretical considerations surrounding a particular practice area, exploring the clinical implications of each. Spanning the full range of both mezzo and macro practice areas, the authors thoroughly look at the assessment of and interventions with group, community, organizational, and institutional settings. The most authoritative book in this field, Social Work Practice with Groups, Communities, and Organizations features: A focus on evidence-based approaches to assessment and intervention for each practice area discussed Comprehensive coverage of the most important new and emerging practice technologies in mezzo and macro social work Current and emerging demographic, social, political, and economic trends affecting mezzo and macro practice An array of pedagogical aids, including Key Terms, Review Questions for Critical Thinking, and Online Resources Content closely aligned with social work accreditation standards (EPAS) Providing a solid review of the entire scope of contemporary mezzo and macro social work practice, Social Work Practice with Groups, Communities, and Organizations is both an indispensable educational text for students and a valuable working resource for practitioners who work with groups, communities, and organizations of all sizes.

4124.36 РУБ



Phil Reed Interventions for Autism. Evidence Educational and Clinical Practice

Providing a vital link between theory and practice, this unique volume translates the latest research data on the effectiveness of interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) into practical guidance for education professionals working with ASD pupils. Reformulates new research data on interventions for ASD into guidance for professionals, drawing on the author’s in-depth academic knowledge and practical experience Offers a comprehensive review of up-to-date evidence on effectiveness across a wide range of interventions for ASD Focuses on environmental factors in understanding ASD rather than outdated ‘deficit’ approaches, and discusses key issues in education provision such as inclusion

7775.22 РУБ



Debbie Tolson Evidence Informed Nursing with Older People

Evidence Informed Nursing with Older People is an essential text for nursing students and registered nurses working with older people who are seeking to make connections between theory, evidence and value based gerontological practice. The rapidly rising aging global population requires that more attention is given to the needs and requirements of older people. This textbook is a key resource for nursing students and registered nurses working with older people who wish to improve their practice. Evidence Informed Nursing with Older People takes a unique case-study approach, with individual chapters presenting nursing practice-based case studies on some of the most common areas of care faced by nurses working around the world with older people. Each case study illustrates the connections between practice, theory, evidence and values. User-friendly and accessible, this textbook includes key points, reflection activities, test points, and perspectives from older people throughout. Key features An up-to-date treatment of the nursing contribution to key geriatric syndromes International expert contributions from the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia and China An evidence-based, case-study approach to the care of older people

3824.12 РУБ



Brendan McCormack Person-Centred Healthcare Research

Person-Centred Healthcare Research provides an innovative and novel approach to exploring a range of research designs and methodological approaches aimed at investigating person-centred healthcare practice within and across healthcare disciplines. With contributions from internationally renowned experts in the field, this engaging resource challenges existing R&D methodologies and their relevance to advancing person-centred knowledge generation, dissemination, translation, implementation and use. It also explores new developments in research methods and practices that open up new avenues for advancing the field of person-centred practice. Person-Centred Healthcare Research: Enables students, practitioners, managers and researchers to gain a solid understanding of the complexity of person-centred thinking in research designs and methods. Explores the theories and practices underpinning a topical subject within current healthcare practice. Is edited by an internationally recognised team who are at the forefront of person-centred healthcare research.

4795.27 РУБ



Cam Donaldson Evidence-based Decisions and Economics. Health Care, Social Welfare, Education Criminal Justice

The need for evidence-based decisions that take account of both effectiveness and economics is greater now than ever. Using case studies and illustrative examples throughout the authors describe how the activities and outputs of evidence synthesis, systematic review, economic analysis and decision-making interact within and across different spheres of health and social policy and practice. Expanding on the first edition the book now covers approaches to evidence synthesis that combine economics and systematic review methods in the applied fields of social welfare, education and criminal justice, as well as health care. Written by economists and health services researchers closely involved in developing evidence-based policy and practice it showcases current state-of-the-art methodology and will be an invaluable read for all policy-makers and practitioners using evidence to inform decisions, analysts conducting research to support decisions and students discovering the need for evidence-based decisions to incorporate economic perspectives and evidence.

4720.56 РУБ



Robert Lee T. Orthodontic Functional Appliances: Theory and Practice

Comprehensive specialist manual covering the science and practice of functional appliance therapy Integrates clinical and academic elements with emphasis on evidence-based research and its clinical application Suitable for trainee and practicing orthodontists Includes more than 600 photographs to enhance clarity of topics covered Features contributions from top clinicians and researchers in the field

6659.3 РУБ



Latchford Gary Maximising the Benefits of Psychotherapy. A Practice-based Evidence Approach

Maximising the Benefits of Psychotherapy critiques Evidence-Based Practice and describes other approaches to improving the effectiveness of therapy, such as Practice-Based Evidence and the use of client feedback. The authors include a summary of key research findings and an accessible guide to applying these ideas to therapeutic practice. Puts forward a critique of existing research claiming that certain psychotherapy programmes are more effective than others in treating specific disorders Includes an accessible summary of key research findings, a practical introduction to a practice-based evidence approach, and a series of detailed case studies Offers a timely alternative to the prevailing wisdom in the mental health field by challenging the practical logic of the Evidence-Based Practice approach Reviews the empirical evidence examining the effects of client feedback on psychotherapy outcomes

9019.88 РУБ



Linda Finlay Relational Integrative Psychotherapy. Engaging Process and Theory in Practice

Designed specifically for the needs of trainees and newly-qualified therapists, Relational Integrative Psychotherapy outlines a form of therapy that prioritizes the client and allows for diverse techniques to be integrated within a strong therapeutic relationship. Provides an evidence-based introduction to the processes and theory of relational integrative psychotherapy in practice Presents innovative ideas that draw from a variety of traditions, including cognitive, existential-phenomenological, gestalt, psychoanalytic, systems theory, and transactional analysis Includes case studies, footnotes, ‘theory into practice’ boxes, and discussion of competing and complementary theoretical frameworks Written by an internationally acclaimed speaker and author who is also an active practitioner of relational integrative psychotherapy

9744.92 РУБ



Charles Hutton A treatise on mensuration both in theory and practice

Полный вариант заголовка: «A treatise on mensuration : both in theory and practice / by Charles Hutton».





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